Kraft Fluid Systems Presents Schabmueller Wheel Drives

Kraft Fluid Systems Presents Schabmueller Wheel Drives

For more than 15 years, Kraft has integrated Schabmueller Electric Wheel Drives into the most demanding battery powered vehicle applications. Manufactured in Germany by 350+ employees, Schabmueller wheel drives are famous for high quality, durability, and performance. Kraft offers three types of Schabmueller Wheel Drives; Vertical Drives, Motor in Wheel Drives, and Dual Gear Drives…. Read more »

Success – Hollywood Driven by Kraft Fluid Systems

Kraft helps video production company solve moving stage opportunity in Valencia, CA. Download this Success Story as a PDF Challenge J.E.M. F/X needed an electric drive solution that would be low profile, could move a 680 kg load at 5 km/h and .7 m/s^2 acceleration, and would be available and in-stock for a rush project… Read more »

Valence offers The U-Charge® Battery System Optimized for Safe, Fast-charging in Systems from 24V-80V and Above

View their latest video on Lithium Ion Batteries for Material Handling Equipment.  Built on Valence’s decade-long experience of producing battery packs for transportation applications, the U-Charge battery line now offers drop-in replacement for Group U1, Group 24, and Group 27 sizes.  It’s now easier than ever to upgrade to lithium ion to supply reliable power and energy across a… Read more »