Success – Hollywood Driven by Kraft Fluid Systems

Kraft helps video production company solve moving stage opportunity in Valencia, CA.

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J.E.M. F/X needed an electric drive solution that would be low profile, could move a 680 kg load at 5 km/h and .7 m/s^2 acceleration, and would be available and in-stock for a rush project involving the moving of a stage set for a television commercial. A technical consultant at J.E.M. F/X had remembered from a past project seeing a machine that used Kraft-supplied Schabmueller wheel drives, and therefore contacted Kraft for assistance. Kraft’s account and engineering managers worked quickly to size and quote the appropriate system.


Kraft supplied two pieces of Schabmueller 50072198 (MIWD21-24/TSA120-090-011) wheel drives and two pieces of Schwarzmueller MI02-S-24/160-P motor controllers for the AC traction motors; J.E.M. F/X supplied a DC steer motor controller and PLC for control of the overall component. Kraft engineering stood by to provide phone and email technical support to ensure that the overall installation was completed smoothly.


In less than two weeks, J.E.M. F/X was able to install the MIWD21 drives and the MI02-S-24/160-P controllers for the project. A week later, the TV commercial – for Apple HomePod filmed by Spike Jonze and starring FKA twigs – was filmed on a moving stage using the installed drives and controllers.


J.E.M. F/X


Valencia, CA

  • Stunt fabrication
  • Theatrical special effects
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Schabmueller 50072198 (MIWD21-24/TSA120-090-011) wheel drives
  • Schwarzmueller MI02-S-24/160-P motor controllers
  • Optimized performance of equipment
  • Speedy reaction and technical support by Kraft

Terry Chapman of J.E.M. F/X shared that his company’s customer was extremely impressed with the speed, quietness, and smoothness of the MIWD21s, and that J.E.M. F/X will look for other applications to utilize the drives.