Success – Kraft Supports More Efficient Luggage Inspection Equipment

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from Daifuku Airport Technologies’ streamline airport baggage screening.

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Traditional belt conveyors and static search tables at airport checked baggage reconciliation areas require TSA agents to lift heavy luggage, risking injury and adding time to baggage inspection. Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku Airport Technlogies, found a clever application for

its high-tech carts typically used in large manufacturing. The patented mobile inspection tables (MITs) are automated vehicles that carry bags requiring further inspection directly to TSA agents and then back to the conveyor belt to make it onto the plane. In order to maintain time proven realiability, Daifuku worked with Kraft to utilize the same drive that has been used in Daifuku SmartCarts for more than 10 years.


The MITs needed to function inside of any airport environment without major infrastructure changes. This required a solution that could provide high performance in a small space with good battery life and limited noise. The drive system needed to be compact and durable for 24/7 operation.


Using the previous experience and long histroy with Daifuku’s SmartCarts, the experts at Kraft delivered fully-tested Schabmueller MIWD 15 wheel drives to perfectly fit MIT airport applications. Kraft has integrated Schabmueller electric wheel drives for more than 15 years, helping with specification and start-up.


MIT’s have successfully been installed at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Orlando International Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, Miami International Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and most recently in LaGuardia. The solution improves room accessibility and reduces noise while providing TSA officers with efficient and ergonomic enhancements to traditional inspection.


Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku Airport Technologies


Novi, MI

  • Product specification, testing, and integration
  • Start-up support

Schabmueller MIWD 15 wheel drive

  • Fewer workplace injuries
  • More efficient baggage inspection
  • Lower noise and energy usage
  • Increased speed of overall bag screening process

“The utilization of the MIT with the Schabmuller drives provides many benefits over traditional baggage conveyor systems, including: system layout flexibility, improved operational efficiency and enhanced ergonomics”

– Todd Alderman, Vice President