Slew Rings and Slew Ring Bearings

IMO has been developing and manufacturing large diameter anti-friction Slewing Rings and self-contained Slew Drives for more than 20 years.  The sturdy IMO-Slewing Rings are suitable for numerous applications, from ready-to-install systems to special, custom solutions to meet specific customer needs.

  • Large-diameter anti-friction Slewing Rings designed to handle simultaneously occurring axial, radial and moment loads.
  • Ready-to-Install system with integrated Slewing Ring
  • Available with flanges for all standard electric, hydraulic motors and/or planetary gearboxes
  • AGV/AGC steering apparatus

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Since 1989, Shilla has been one of the leading global slewing ring bearing manufacturers. They have been supplying slewing ring bearings for mobile and industrial equipment applications such as:

  • Boom Swing for construction and fire apparatus
  • Wheel drive steering
  • Pitch and Yaw bearings for wind turbines

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