Slew Rings and Slew Ring Bearings

KMI is the leader in torque technology for solar and industrial applications. Kinematics has a reputation for producing the world’s most reliable slewing drives and components including dual-axis and single-axis slew rings and gears.

KMI’s dual-axis slewing drives provide rotational torque around two separate, independent axes, resulting in a wide range of motion with consistent and efficient precision.

KMI also manufactures high-quality slew rings and gears that can be custom manufactured to accommodate specialized requirements. Applications include construction equipment, wastewater treatment machinery, mining, man lifts, truck cranes, dump trucks, utility equipment and more.

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Since 1989, Shilla has been one of the leading global slewing ring bearing manufacturers. They have been supplying slewing ring bearings for mobile and industrial equipment applications such as:

  • Boom Swing for construction and fire apparatus
  • Wheel drive steering
  • Pitch and Yaw bearings for wind turbines

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