U-Charge® XP modules are designed to be assembled in series and parallel to reach your application’s voltage and capacity requirements.

  • Modularity reduces project development time and non-recurring engineering (NRE) expenses.
  • Hundreds of thousands U-Charge® systems have been deployed in a range of equipment since 2006.
  • Successfully used in commercial vehicles such as EV buses, delivery trucks, port tractors, and marine vessels.
  • XP modules are now being considered for new markets such as material handling, mining equipment and energy storage systems.

Valence Lithium Ion batteries offer an advanced energy storage solution and is a leader among lithium ion battery manufacturers. Excellent float and cycle life with zero maintenance offers significant cost of ownership savings and complete peace of mind, through the safety inherent in Valence Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry. Check out our quick reference module range here.

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Since 1985, ZIVAN has been mastering the recharge, control and care of any type of battery.  The main advantages of the Zivan high-frequency range are:
  • High efficiency (up to 94%) representing charging cost savings of about 15%
  • Weight and size reductions of up to ten times compared to conventional chargers
  • Reduced recharging times helping prevent battery damage
  • Stationary and on-board vehicle battery chargers
  • Flexible and user-friendly: the same product can be used for various battery appliances and a wide-range of battery capacities
  • Electronic control means exceptional charging quality
  • Reduced gas emissions for a healthier workplace environment

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