Pump Motors and Electric Motors

Schabmüller has been supplying the world with highly advanced electric drive solutions since 1924. Schabmüller’s low voltage electric drives are designed to perform in demanding conditions making them a qualified choice for a wide variety of battery powered vehicle and mobile equipment applications. Their offering includes a comprehensive range of motors, steered & fixed wheel drives, and generators that can be customized to exactly meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Product offering includes:

Application Data Sheets

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Inmotion is a global supplier of electric motors, motor controllers, and auxiliary equipment for the industrial vehicle industry. Our customers are electric and hybrid vehicle OEMs who have high requirements on quality and reliability, on-time-delivery, cost efficiency, as well as optimal integration into the target vehicle.

  • Extensive experience in the design and production of a variety of motors for the electric vehicle market.
  • Specializing in low-voltage motors addressing the harsh environmental requirements of fork-lift
  • Extensive expertise in motors and generators for both high-voltage and low-voltage vehicle applications.

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