Motor Controller Inverters

Inmotion is a leading supplier of power electronics for the vehicle industry. They supply motor controllers (inverters) for most vehicle applications and provide a standard product portfolio that fits most applications.

  • ACS series targets industrial, battery powered vehicles with nominal battery voltage 24-80 V and output power from 10 to 50 kVA
  • ACH series inverters are intended for large industrial vehicles, such as buses and construction equipment. With nominal operating voltage up to 750V and up to 400kVA
  • APS series supports electric steer-by-wire applications where functional safety is paramount. With redundant safety function supervision according to EN/ISO13849

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Dana TM4 Schwarzmuller

TM4 Schwarzmüller Inverter manufactures inverters to control low voltage AC motors ranging from 24V to 96V, 60A-1000A, for use in a wide variety of battery powered vehicles and mobile machinery.

TM4 Schwarzmüller product applications include:

  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • Ground support equipment and tow tractors
  • Material handling trucks
  • Utility vehicles
  • Aerial lifts
  • Sweepers
  • Hybrid vehicles (traction, fan, power steering, & auxiliary)
  • Wind power
  • Specialty equipment

Features Include:

  • Rugged design, tested under harsh environmental conditions
  • Superior thermal performance utilizing copper based insulated metal substrate for a long lifetime
  • Flux vector control algorithm for optimized drive performance in all speed ranges
  • Sealed with a breathable, waterproof membrane for improved reliability and robustness in tough working conditions with high temperature extremes.
  • User-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE for easy system design and management
  • Comprehensive interface concept with CAN communication and multifunctional inputs/outputs for easy configuration of vehicle functions.
  • Advanced vehicle diagnostics with PLUS+1 Service Tool for cost-effective maintenance and system updates
  • UL583 listed
  • EN 60068 [Environmental tests] meets IP67 rating
  • EN 12895 [EMC, ESD]: E.g. electromagnetic compatibility up to 100V/ms
  • EN 1175 [Safety of industrial trucks]

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